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Our special school in Surrey helps children cope with the most severe epilepsy and associated conditions

Our existing school is spread over several outdated buildings which makes some things like transitions, even harder for our students.

A new Education Resource Centre is being built, to provide specifically tailored facilities for young people with epilepsy and other complex needs.

This amazing new facility will also allow us to undertake pioneering research into the barriers that epilepsy has on educational attainment.

You can help

Your donation will transform the lives of young people living with epilepsy.

Donate today, buy someone a gift or commemorate someone special.

Your gift will be displayed forever in the very heart of this special building.

Visitors will encounter a dazzling Wall of Stars each displaying the name of a supporter or someone special to them.

There will be a stunning Tree of Honour, full of leaves each naming more supporters and their loved ones.

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