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One off giftEvery single donation helps children with epilepsy. Some children have very severe epilepsy and live in constant danger; some children we support are coping with up to 60 seizures every day.

A £5 donation can provide two families each with a copy of our childhood epilepsy guides.

Just £10 would provide five teachers in mainstream schools with resource packs to ensure that all children with epilepsy get the support they need.
A gift of £15 would pay for a seizure bracelet which can be life-saving in a situation where a child or young person is unable to communicate as the bracelet lets people know that they have epilepsy, and is something that medical teams and emergency workers are trained to look out for.
A donation of just £25 would fund an hour of specialist support via the Young Epilepsy Helpline for parents with concerns regarding their child’s epilepsy, development and diagnosis.
A generous donation of £50 could help buy communication aid which would enable children who cannot communicate verbally to express their needs, for example when they are hungry, tired or in pain.
£100 could pay for an hour of intensive therapy for a child with epilepsy to develop their strength, coordination and confidence.

If you would like to support us with a larger donation, please call us on 01342 831245.

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Using Gift Aid means that for every pound you give, Young Epilepsy receives an additional 25 pence from the Inland Revenue.